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Real Warriors

Our committee members are made up of Real Fertility Warriors. We are fortunate to have both men and women on our committee. Each person was carefully selected as they all bring unique knowledge, stories, courage and experience to our non-profit association. 

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Adam and Cara


We’re Adam and Cara and we’ve been on our fertility journey for 5 years. We’ve had 7 embryo transfers via 3 rounds of IVF/ICSI. We’ve been through 3 clinics, 3 laparoscopies, a D&C and of course lots of tests in between. 

We live in Sydney with our dog Billy and love getting back to the country for family time and that fresh country air. 

We both love to travel where Vienna, Austria is our favourite destination. Now we’re on a new journey, a fertility journey and we’re so grateful to share it with you and learn about your experiences as we journey together. 

We can’t imagine how we would have survived without the TTC community. The community has been so encouraging and supportive that we were inspired to found Fertility Support Australia. 

We want to be able to give back the encouragement, support and friendship we have gained during some of our most challenging life experiences.



Hi everyone, I’m Kirstie! My partner Matt and I have a beautiful son, Jack. He is an IVF baby. Our journey started back in late 2014, and like most facing fertility challenges, has been peppered with failed cycles, chemical pregnancies, miscarriages, embryos failing to thaw, laparoscopies, hysteroscopies, D&Cs and a blighted ovum! But we have Jack, and count ourselves incredibly lucky! 

Our journey has another branch too, with Jack being diagnosed with TOF/OA at birth (not IVF related!) He has had 15 operations over the past 2 years, but he is little warrior himself, and has shown us how to be strong!

One of the biggest things that has helped me through the most trying times has been the support of others also facing infertility! It’s not a great club to be part of, but we tend to band together pretty good, we show care and compassion when it is needed most. Being involved in Fertility Support Australia gives me the opportunity to share my experiences, gain knowledge and piece of mind from other experiences and meet ladies that I know I’ll be friends with for life. 

Ben and Tiarne


Hi, we're Ben and Tiarne! We been married for almost 7 years and have secondary, male factor, infertility. Our daughter, Ivy, is 5 years old and was conceived naturally - our little miracle babe! After suffering through a miscarriage, then struggling to fall pregnant again, it was quite a shock to learn that we had male factor infertility and our chances of falling pregnant naturally were incredibly slim. We tried IUI's both medicated and unmedicated before deciding IVF with ICSI was our best choice. Finally our son Oakley, was conceived via IVF in 2016. He is now 10 months old and the perfect little addition to our family! 

Side note from the founder: Ben & Tiarne have such courage in sharing their story, they can also be found on their you tube channel 

A Mothers Open Book 

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Hi there! My husband Kevin (Irish) and I (Malaysian) have been living in Australia for over 10years and married for 7years. We’ve been on our journey to conceive since 2014. After all the tests, we were diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’, which was frustrating for us because we’ve not known what needed ‘fixing’. We’ve had several chemical pregnancies and three miscarriages, two of which were with our 1st and 3rd IVF rounds. I had a laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and endometrial biopsy done just before our FET for IVF4 and the results came back that everything was ‘normal/fine’ in there. We decided to give this a go again and went into IVF4, a NC-FET - without any expectations but a strong backup plan to start our adoption process immediately. To say we’ve been lucky is an understatement as this round has resulted in a successful pregnancy to date. But not without a host of doubt, fear, etc etc etc .. all the feelings that stem from previous failed attempts and loss.

On the home front, we’re proud parents to our furbabygirl Tiggon, who has us wrapped around her paws! My yoga, acupuncture, sound healing and holistic kinesiology sessions have kept me grounded. They’ve undoubtedly helped me manage the stresses of IVF, drugs, pain, losses and the sheer frustration at times.

With the personal experiences I’ve had in both IVF and miscarriage, I hope that I may be able to contribute back to our wonderful TTC community. That’s why I feel so positive about Fertility Support Australia, because it’s a platform we did not have when we started our journey and will be invaluable to so many out there who are on their own TTC and fertility path.

And you can find me on insta as @herfertileground



Hi Everyone, Myself and my partner have been ttc for 2 years. A small bit of background info to give you an insight into our infertility battle is that I have stage 4 endometriosis and adenomyosis. I’ve had  3 laparoscopic surgeries to remove the endo. The last one was the hardest as we were told I will have to have a hysterectomy as the endo is taking over my pelvis. 

With 2 IVF cycles done and 2 failed embryo transfers with only 1 remaining embryo left we are hoping that this little one is “the one”.

We are both Irish and have lived in this beautiful part of the world for nearly 8 years. 

As a member of Fertility Support Australia I hope by sharing our stories and information gathered along the way we can all help each other in this memorable journey. 

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