Our Events

What are they like?

As a member of Fertility Support Australia (FSAus) you're invited to our member events via email. 

Our events provide a fantastic opportunity to meet and chat with some real fertility warriors who will share their experiences.
Invites are to members only to enable a safer and more encouraging environment. 

Our upcoming events are set in a casual environment, so you can feel at ease.

Sounds Scary

We understand that sometimes, it can feel scary to attend an event where you may not know a face. 

Be assured, our event coordinator from FSAus has a friendly face and will welcome you warmly!

Did you know, that all of our attendees don't regret going and end the event connecting with a new infertility friend afterwards? How cool is that?!


We keep our costs low and each event ticket summary explains what the ticket fee is for. We are a nonprofit after all. 

If you didn't get our invite via email, check out our friends at Sticky Tickets here and search Fertility Support Australia. 

Event Feedback


  • "Thank you for a first of many successful Melb meet ups x " 
  • "The best part was meeting you all"
  • " Connecting with people who knew exactly what I was going through! Being able to express my emotions and ask questions to other woman who were a lot more advanced in the process, everyone was helpful and friendly and gave tips and advice.  "
  •  "I genuinely loved it and so did my husband! I think it hit him hearing the experiences of other woman and he realised that what we were about to do is a serious thing. He opened up to me in the car on the way home"
  • "I almost didn't come along, but I'm so glad I did!"
  • "Can't wait for the next one, thank you for organising this"
  •  “We could have kept talking”
  • “What you guys are doing is so important, and for a great cause – great work”
  • “I am so glad we’ve met face to face”  
  • " The best thing about the day was the super casual meet up feeling! It was just like friends catching up having a chat and a game of bowls! "
  • "I thought I would come away feeling down or upset, but I felt positive in meeting new people!"


Melbourne Events


Melbourne | 25 Aug 19

Melbourne Smash Room | 18 Jan 2020

Melbourne | 25 Aug 19

Our Special Guest Celeste, from @tim.celeste.x joined us for a lovely brunch on Sunday. We had a Q&A with Celeste as she shared her brave journey so far. Conversation kept following after with many sharing their own experiences and supporting others. 

We ran over time and had to update our car parking meters and are already talking about the next event! 


Melbourne | 19 Aug 18

Melbourne Smash Room | 18 Jan 2020

Melbourne | 25 Aug 19

  Melbourne held its first event at Lucky Penny, Chapel Street, South Yarra. We had the entire top floor and we sat under fairy lights with a lovely table setting! Again both men and women attended this event, this time for a delicious brunch! We had two hours of non-stop chat, swapping stories and insight! We had such a mix of experience at the table, but everyone supported each other so kindly.  


Melbourne Smash Room | 18 Jan 2020

Melbourne Smash Room | 18 Jan 2020

Melbourne Smash Room | 18 Jan 2020

Our Melbourne event, held at the Break Room Collingwood, was an opportunity to let off some steam, catch up with warriors who understand and smash stuff!!  It was emotional, thrilling and cathartic.
Some warriors brought along BFN sticks and other items from their journey. 

Sydney Events

Sydney | 11 Aug 18

Sydney | 11 Aug 19

Sydney | 11 Aug 19


Sydney’s first event included 8 attendees, Men and Women! We enjoyed fabulous conversation, divine tapas food and happy laughter. We all came together, sharing our stories, supporting each other, and even the boys admitted to having a great time.


Sydney | 11 Aug 19

Sydney | 11 Aug 19

Sydney | 11 Aug 19


A girls only brunch but how lovely it was!

We chatted and shared stories, and most importantly encouraged each other. Everyone left with a little gift from FSAus, a full stomach and a morning of encouragement. 

Brisbane Events


Brisbane | 5 Aug 18

Brisbane | 29 March | Tickets on Sale Now

Brisbane | 29 March | Tickets on Sale Now

 Fertility Support Australia held our first event at "the Boo" in Brisbane. We welcomed 7 ladies and 1 (brave) man in a game or two of lawn bowls and a few beverages - not to mention great conversation. The event ran for 2-3 hours and all the attendees told us they were so glad they made it. After the event every one joined a private chat, keeping the group connected and in touch. 


Brisbane | 29 March | Tickets on Sale Now

Brisbane | 29 March | Tickets on Sale Now

Brisbane | 29 March | Tickets on Sale Now

POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19! Sadly we have postponed but stay tuned for the rescheduled date. 

Its Brisbanes turn to bring yourself and any items you would like to Smash out a good time. 

This event will be held at  The Rage Cage Smash Room but afterwards you can also join our warriors for a beverage! 

Spectators are free to come and watch too!

Adelaide Events


Adelaide | Coming Soon October 2019

 Let us know if you haven't received your invite! 

We can email it to you to be sure you don't miss out! 

Folonomo Surry Hills


Whilst you are scrolling - here is a little word about one of the Sydney venues we have used 

Folonomo not only put on an amazing food spread, but its food with food thought. 

They are vegan, vego, and other food challenges friendly. 

They give all of their profits to charities chosen by their staff and their clients. 

They are Sydney's first 'Proof for Purpose' restaurant. 

They also have the amazing "School of Life" which runs training sessions and products, for life skills and sells lovely items. Think Self Improvement meets Trendy Surry Hills Cafe.