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Catch Up for World Infertility day


Join us as we catch up for World Infertility Day. Make sure you are signed up as a member to get your invite. 

Melbourne Vic - Event 3

Melbourne | 19 Aug 18

 Melbourne held its first event at Lucky Penny, Chapel Street, South Yarra. We had the entire top floor and we sat under fairy lights with a lovely table setting! Again both men and women attended this event, this time for a delicious brunch! We had two hours of non-stop chat, swapping stories and insight! We had such a mix of experience at the table, but everyone supported each other so kindly. 

"Thank you for a first of many successful Melb meet ups x " 

"The best part was meeting you all"

" Connecting with people who knew exactly what I was going through! Being able to express my emotions and ask questions to other woman who were a lot more advanced in the process, everyone was helpful and friendly and gave tips and advice.  "

 "I genuinely loved it and so did my husband! I think it hit him hearing the experiences of other woman and he realised that what we were about to do is a serious thing. He opened up to me in the car on the way home"


Sydney NSW - Event 2


Sydney | 11 Aug 18


Sydney’s first event included 8 attendees, Men and Women! We enjoyed fabulous conversation, divine tapas food and happy laughter. We all came together, sharing our stories, supporting each other, and even the boys admitted to having a great time.


“We could have kept talking”

“What you guys are doing is so important, and for a great cause – great work”

“I am so glad we’ve met face to face” 

Folonomo Surry Hills

a little word about our Sydney venue


Folonomo not only put on an amazing food spread, thats food friendly, they also give all of their profits to charities chosen by them and their clients. 

They are Syndey's first 'Proof for Purpose' restaurant. 

They also have the amazing "School of Life" which runs training sessions and products, for life skills.

Brisbane QLD - Event 1

Brisbane | 5 Aug 18


Fertility Support Australia held our first event at "the Boo" in Brisbane. 

We welcomed 7 ladies and 1 man in a game or two of lawn bowls and a few beverages - not to mention great conversation. 

The event ran for 2-3 hours and all the attendees told us they were so glad they made it. 

" The best thing about the day was the super casual meet up feeling! 

It was just like friends catching up having a chat and a game of bowls! 

I thought I would come away feeling down or upset, but I felt 

Positive in meeting new people!"

" I almost didn't go, but I am so glad I did" 

After the event every one joined a private chat, keeping the group connected and in touch. 

They're already excited about the next event.