Donations & Donation Programs - Nonprofit

Why Donate?


Membership is free, but to support our members and to maintain our nonprofit association we rely on our generous donations. Every little bit helps, whether it’s a small donation that helps a fertility warrior offer support to another, or whether it’s a donation that’s able to help Fertility Support Australia provide events that are available in most states. Each donation is greatly appreciated from every single person within our community. 

First to Donate Program


The first 50 people to donate $60 or more will receive our FIRST TO DONATE PACK. 

The pack includes: 

- A free ticket to our first event

- A personalised note from one of our amazing Fertility Support Australia board members

- Your name/alias on a special thank you page on our website 

- Your name/alias on name plate of Thank you’s, which will feature at our events and (when ever it happens) in our office space

- Certificate of thanks from Fertility Support Australia 

Other Donations


Ask us about other ways to donate, including executive membership program for donations over $1000

Other than Money, how else can I help?


You may ask us, other than donating money, how else can I help Fertility Support Australia’s amazing nonprofit cause? Well here are some ways: 

- Volunteer your time in one of our subcommittees. We will always have events and activities underway, and these always take time, energy and resources of amazing people. 

- Share our name and help us recruit! The more members we have the more amazing we can be. We’re on most social media platforms and available via email! 

- Spread the word when we hold an event! The more people that come to our events the more donations we receive and the more we can give back. 

- Share your story! Have an infertility/fertility journey? Even if you’re in the middle of one, we’d love to feature you in our members stories (on our website and newsletter). You can still remain anonymous.