Q&A with our Fertility Warriors in the TTC Community

What advice would you give yourself, looking back at your first few months of ttc?

Our Q&A comes from our Insta family (TTC  Community) . 

See the response we received below: 

  • It’s okay to not be okay.
  • Trust your body. Trust your instincts and push for answers when you aren’t getting the right ones. 
  • Everything infertility related takes time and most things take twice as long or longer than you think they will.
  • Calm the hell down and put the chocolate down.
  • Don’t count on positive news but do believe positive news is possible.
  • If you don't think you are getting the right answers, it is ok to seek another opinion. A second opinion can even just ensure you are on the right track. 
  • Dear Future-self, this is going to be a long journey with a lot of disappointments and "not-yets". You are going to do things you never thought you could. You are going to become stronger than you ever could have imagined. You are going to be an advocate for yourself, your spouse and your dreams. Your sink will harden and your heart will soften, however it will all turn out as it is meant to. 
  • Trust the journey. 
  • Find and add yourself to Instagram! #ttccommunity
  • Dont hold out for so long on your own to become pregnant, its ok to seek help. 
  • Take control of your journey, including reading forums and do not be afraid to ask for a protocol to try.
  • Every body responds differently. 
  • Trust the process, it is a long journey with lots of bumps along the way. 
  • No one knows your body like you do. There is power in that. 
  • Don’t Google, trust your doctor until you’re given a reason not to 👌🏻
  • Stay away from Google, it was one of the first things I did when diagnosed with PCOS. It scared me. Sometimes ingnorance is bliss. 
  • Start finding support early and trust your instincts. If you know something just doesn’t feel right then book that appointment or second opinion. No one knows your body like you do. 


We Asked

What Has Infertility Given You?

  • A stronger relationship with my partner
  • Patience 
  • Realisation 
  • Strength 
  • Fear 
  • Hope 
  • New friends 
  • #ttcsisters #ttccommunity
  • Unbelievable Strength 
  • Courage 
  • Compassion 
  • Understanding 
  • The community and no longer feeling alone 
  • The ability to pick myself up when my world is crumbling 
  • An amazing group of Childless friends with the strongest, warmest and most beautiful hearts 
  • Strength when I didn’t feel I was strong 
  • A self reflection of who I am 
  • A whole new level of learning to take care of myself 
  • Great friends 
  • To never take anything for granted 
  • A strength within me to keep smiling and continue to stay positive 
  • As much as it has stolen time from me it has also given me great times that may not have happened with baby
  • Thick skin, brave face, more honest relationships and a gentle heart 
  • I never thought I was this strong until infertility got me
  • Grateful for support 
  • Hearing courageous stories 
  • More empathy for others 
  • After over 7years of infertility, I think I’m a better mum than I ever would have been, as I’m more intentional and thoughtful as to the type of parent I want to be 
  • Hubby and I are even more connected and when my MIL says insensitive things we discuss it then and there
  • Resilience 
  • Not sweating the small stuff 


We Asked

Tips to improve your healthy living habits?



  • I started PT plus found an eating plan that worked for me. Lots of meditation, journaling and support via friends as well as counseling 
  • Don’t worry about it too much. Have vegies and fruit every day. Have water every day. Don’t get wasted. 
  • I had an enormous improvement in my cycles and eventual treatment when I eliminated household toxins (body products, cleaning products etc). Easy to do, usually much cheaper and so much better for our health and environment.